Soon after publication of Källén, A and Hegardt, J 2014. A Cosmopolitan History of Archaeology: The Olov Janse Case. Bulletin of the History of Archaeology 24:7, the authors alerted the editors to the fact that the published abstract was not the version approved by the authors and that it included major factual errors. After investigation the editors acknowledged that this was the case and apologise that the incorrect text had been published accidentally. The correct abstract should have read:

The article proposes comparative outlines for a cosmopolitan history of archaeology, defined by mobility, translation and networks. Increased international mobility and stronger impact of supranational organisations such as UNESCO, now call for alternative historical frameworks beyond nation-states, to understand archaeology, heritage, and artefact collections. We depart from one particular case – the professional life and trajectory of archaeologist Olov R.T. Janse (1892-1985) who worked in Scandinavia, France, Indochina, for US intelligence, and UNESCO – and propose a number of themes and characteristics to enable analytical comparisons with other examples of cosmopolitan archaeology.

The authors also pointed out that the author Johan Hegardt should be listed as ‘Associate Professor’, rather than ‘Professor’.