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Douglas R. Givens

Department of Anthropology Saint Louis Community College - Meramec, US
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Archaeology's past, among other things, is made up of individuals and institutions. They relate to each other through methodological, theoretical, and socio-political undercurrents. Out of these relationships were born the failures and successes that led archaeology to develop and mature through time.

Members of the archaeological community have long found the relationships between archaeological personalities and institutions not only fascinating in their own right but as evidence of relationships that would have a direct bearing on the origins of archaeological science and its future.

The Bulletin on the History of Archaeology will be a forum by which researchers and interested scholars may conduct discourse on the explanation of archaeology's past and how the past has influenced its development through time. The Bulletin encourages its readership to communicate information on all facets of materials and activities related to the history of archaeology. The Bulletin recognizes that work in the history of archaeology will increase in time and it wishes to be an integral part in the development of this interest.
How to Cite: Givens, D.R., 1991. Editorial. Bulletin of the History of Archaeology, 1(1), pp.3–6. DOI:
Published on 03 May 1991.


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