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Douglas R. Givens

Department of Anthropology Saint Louis Community College - Meramec, US
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The current "buzzwords" now being heard by those doing work in the history of archaeology are identification, preservation, and curation of documentary materials. The sad state of preservation and storage of documentary materials related to the history of archaeology seems to be a universal cry amongst many of us involved in various facets of.research in the history of archaeology. In our research travels, many of us have contacted institutions who have documentary collections that are in a deplorable state of preservation. We recognize that the sad state of preservation of documentary records will threaten the clarity of future histories of archaeology. As researchers, it is incumbent upon each of us to become involved with the preservation process. We should become involved with helping institutions and repositories enhance their levels of preservation and encourage that records find an "archival home" before their destruction, occurs.
How to Cite: Givens, D.R., 1991. Editorial. Bulletin of the History of Archaeology, 1(2), p.3. DOI:
Published on 03 Nov 1991.


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