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Reading: History of Historical Archaeology


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Discourses on the History of Archaeology

History of Historical Archaeology


Robert L. Schuyler

University of Pennsylvania Museum University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA 19104, US
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On Sunday April 19, 1998 Jean Carl Harrington (known to the profession as J.C. or "Pinky" Harrington) passed away at his home in Richmond, Virginia. At 96 Harrington's life almost spanned the 20th century and did encompass the rise and establishment of professional Historical Archaeology in North America. Many consider Harrington to be the founder or "father" of Americanist Historical Archaeology. In 1936 he took over the newly created NPS-CCC project at Jamestown, Virginia and that event is arguably the inception of Historical Archaeology as an organized, scholarly discipline.
How to Cite: Schuyler, R.L., 1998. History of Historical Archaeology. Bulletin of the History of Archaeology, 8(2), pp.7–17. DOI:
Published on 20 Nov 1998.
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