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Reading: History of Bolivian Archaeology: Geraldine Byrne de Caballero


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History of Bolivian Archaeology: Geraldine Byrne de Caballero


David L. Browman

Washington University, St.Louis, US
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Today the principal archaeological museum of Cochabamba, Bolivia is called the Museo Geraldine Byrne de Caballero. Yet there is surprisingly little information on Byrne de Caballero at the museum, or elsewhere in Bolivian sources. Fortunately, Walter Sánchez Canedo (2006) has written a brief article, providing some more information about her career.

Byrne de Caballero investigated and wrote articles on Cochabamba sites, from the formative period up through historical periods. I knew most of the eight journal articles cited for her, but she wrote another five dozen articles for local newspapers. All of these publications, however, were written when she was director of the museum in Cochabamba, from 1972 to 1986, so we lack information on her earlier archaeological contributions. Although publishing in special supplemental newspaper sections has been a well-accepted practice or tradition for informing the public and specialists about Bolivian archaeology, it obviously makes it difficult for the non-Cochabambinos to track down her publications. But at least now with title, newspaper, and date, it may be possible to go back into old local archives and retrieve some of these articles.

How to Cite: Browman, D.L., 2007. History of Bolivian Archaeology: Geraldine Byrne de Caballero. Bulletin of the History of Archaeology, 17(1), pp.39–40. DOI:
Published on 10 May 2007.


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