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Special Collection

World Histories of Archaeology

Collection launched: 29 Nov 2016
This collection of papers reflects the primary purpose of the Histories of Archaeology Research Network (HARN) – to demonstrate that there are many histories of archaeology rather than one overarching masculist narrative. HARN encourages historians and archaeologists to examine the discipline of archaeology in various ways. Each method can explain a missing piece of a complex history of science. Therefore the collection presented for publication demonstrates the wide range of the history of the discipline of archaeology, both chronologically and geographically, and the exciting potential for analysis, narrative, and debate. The arguments presented here encompass several distinct but interconnecting themes, all presented by members of HARN. Bucolo and Dixon examine the history of archaeology in Roman institutions. Barber, Wickstead, and Lewis deal with seemingly disparate histories—aerial archaeology, barrow excavation, social networks, and inaugural lectures. However, the histories of archaeology are just that, different methods of doing history of a particular scientific practice. Barnes and Aricanli and Snead analyze the history of archaeology in the Americas. These articles discuss the social and disciplinary implications of actual archaeological practice. There are, again, many ways to consider disparate field practices within our framework. Finally, Siapkas focuses on craniometry and how measuring skulls can be extremely political and aid in institutional racism. The special collection has been edited by Ulf Hansson, Julia Roberts, Kathleen Sheppard and Jonathan Trigg.